Handy cmds

Mounting NFS Shares

mkdir /tmp/foldername # Create a tmp folder
showmount -e IP #Show nfs shares at IP
mount -t nfs IP:/temp/foldername # Mount the share
df -hh | df -k  # Check to see if share is shared


ssh-keygen #Generate a key
ssh-add key.pem #Add a key
ssh -i user@ip.com #login with authorized key
shuttle: sshuttle -r user@IP IP #Open shuttle
vncviewer: vncviewer IP #Open vncviewer
echo yourStatementHere | base64
echo eW91clN0YXRlbWVudEhlcmUK | base64 --decode
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
int main() {
    return 0;

Using API with BASH:


#check to see if the key loads properly and api was placed in the right spot

if [ -f "$KEY_FILE" ]; then
        echo "$KEY_FILE loaded"
        source "$KEY_FILE"
        echo "No key file :(" && exit 1

# jq to parse JSON files | tr -d to cut 'char' | sed to remove extra stuff | fold to wrap text
curl -s "https://api.shodan.io/shodan/host/$ip_addr?key=$SHODAN_API_KEY&query=all" | jq '.' | tr -d '"' | tr -d '_' | tr -d '{}' | tr -d ',' | sed 's/[][]//g' 
curl -s "https://api.shodan.io/shodan/host/search?key=$SHODAN_API_KEY&query=all:$ip_addr" | jq '.' | tr -d '"' | tr -d '_' | tr -d '_' | tr -d '{}' | tr -d ','
curl -s "https://api.shodan.io/shodan/host/search?key=$SHODAN_API_KEY&query=all:$ip_addr"

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